“No one who puts his hand on the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.”


Jesus said this to a man who declared his wish to follow Jesus, but wanted to delay by returning to say goodbye to his family. When we sign up for service for the Kingdom of God, we must leave everything of ourselves behind and follow Him. It’s full-steam ahead from here!


I hope this brings you some encouragement today.

I tell you the truth; you have been given joy that abides. This joy never leaves us. But if we allow our eyes to turn away from God and on the circumstances around us we will be unable to see that joy we always have. So keep your eyes on the Father who is Holy. Keep your eyes on the One who has given you every good perfect gift of Heaven. In this your joy is made complete. Jesus has conquered death and ever power of the enemy. Choose to take up your weapons of Heaven to dispel the work of the enemy, and turn your minds to God, place your thoughts on God and who He is. Worship God and the enemy will flee, and your joy will be full.

You have been given hope that abides. This hope is not in the things we see but in the promises we have been given by God through His Word. He is faithful and will fulfill every promise we have been given. We hope in what we know will happen. We hope in that His name will be spread throughout the nations. We hope that every person will be healed from every disease and sickness. We hope the glory of God does fill the earth and that creation itself is released from the curse to perform it’s original created purpose – to glorify God.

You have been given freedom that abides. A slave who is freed can only go back into slavery by their own choosing. So continue from this moment forward to choose the glorious freedom you have been given by Jesus Christ who overcame and conquered every facet of darkness which pervades in the earth. You have been given freedom from sin and every ounce of power that sin once held over you. You have been given freedom to commune and fellowship with God in every moment within and outside of time.

You have been given Love. God is Love and His Spirit abides in you. Where Love abides all hate must flee. Where Love abides all imperfection is perfected. You have been given a Spirit of Love to see others as more important than yourselves. You have been given Love, and because of this, you have all joy, hope, and freedom. Let’s walk in the faith that abides together.